Netron Film

Film, animation and 3D — from idea to applause

If you can imagine it, we can make it. Some things just take a bit longer...
At Netron Film we are not confined to one look or one discipline. Our filmmakers and animators work together around one big table to fit all the bits together. And we have all the fun tools, toys and techniques.
That’s our superpower!


Yes, we do live shots of real people, or cats — for real.
With a camera!


Sometimes a concept is better explained as an animation — or even by combining film and animation.


Need to visualize products that don't exist yet, or to create quirky imaginary worlds? Our team of 3D designers and animators are ready.

Our Team

We pride ourselves in doing the most of our work in-house. Our team has worked closely together for many years across the whole range of film and animation production.

Torgeir Holm
Torgeir Holm

Designer by education and mentor on everything moving or designed on a screen. Decades-long track record on 3D, animation and visual effects.

Morten Marius Apenes
Morten Marius Apenes

Designer and creative. Hands-on creative director and concept developer. Handles scripts, concept and directions on all our film projects.

Joakim Thunæs
Joakim Thunæs

Animator and editor in our production department. Quite the utility player in our film department.

Therese Øvergård
Therese Øvergård

Producer and all-seeing project manager on our film and animation productions.

Elisabet Barmen
Elisabet Barmen

The newest team member of the production team. Elisabet is a junnior 3D designer and animator.


We are always on the look out for talent in film, editing, 3D and animation.

About Netron

Netron was started back in 2002 with a focus on animation and flash games. Today Netron consists of three departments: Netron Film, Netron Communication, and Netron Digital.

We do cross-disciplinary projects as well as independent assignments. For some clients, Netron functions as the marketing department, while others require specific services from one of our three departments. Netron has offices in Oslo and Fredrikstad, Norway and Tallinn, Estonia. Most of our 17 employees are locatd in Fredrikstad, Norway.

Netron is independent and self-owned.